What is CocoaPods

      CocoaPods is the dependency manager for Objective-C projects. It has thousands of libraries and can help you scale your projects elegantly.

      CocoaPods is built with Ruby and is installable with the default Ruby available on OS X. We recommend you do this.

      Using the default Ruby install will require you to use sudo when installing gems. Further instructions are in the guides.

      $ sudo gem install cocoapods

      Search for pods (above). Then list the dependencies in a text file named Podfile in your Xcode project directory:

          $ edit Podfile
          platform :ios
          pod 'JSONKit',       '~> 1.4'
          pod 'Reachability',  '~> 3.0.0'

      Now you can install the dependencies in your project:

      $ pod install

      Make sure to always open the Xcode workspace instead of the project file when building your project:

      $ open App.xcworkspace

      Now you can import your dependencies e.g.:

      #import <Reachability/Reachability.h>

      Sometimes CocoaPods doesn’t yet have a pod for one of your dependencies. Fortunately, creating a pod is pretty easy:

        $ pod spec create Peanut
        $ edit Peanut.podspec
        $ pod spec lint Peanut.podspec

      You can find a lot of information on the process in the guides. When you're done you can also fork the CocoaPods specs GitHub repository and send a pull request. We really love contributions and will help ensure it's perfect!


      We’re developing CocoaPods on GitHub. There’s a repository for the CocoaPods tool and one for the pods specs. It’s easy and really gratifying to contribute patches or pods, you even get push access when one of your specs or patches is accepted.